3 Work From Home Lockdown Essentials

With the UK in Lockdown 2.0, I’ve been adjusting to working from home for the first time. As an English graduate, I’m no stranger to working independently, but working from home during a lockdown brings on new challenges: learning Zoom, creating my own schedule, and finding ways to spice up my daily routine to stop every day blending into monotony.

Learning New Recipes & Balanced Eating

Cooking is one of my favourite ways to be creative, outside of writing. Lockdown means I have more time to really enjoy cooking. I’m currently working my way through the Wagamama cookbook.

I also now have a subscription to Oddbox, a company seeking to reduce food waste by allowing its customers to “rescue” boxes of veg that are rejected from supermarkets for being too large, the wrong colour, or in surplus. Their refer a friend scheme is also great – anyone looking to try OddBox out can get £10 off with my referral link.

An Exercise Routine

Heading into lockdown 2.0, I knew I wanted to invest in my physical health – in other words, treating myself to workout gear from TALA, and starting to go jogging in the morning. Not only is TALA an incredible brand from Grace Beverly (with an inspirational level of social media marketing) – they are also entirely sustainable, with a brand statement all about “slow fashion”.

Looking After Yourself

The term “self care” is thrown around a lot, but what I mean by this segment is paying close attention to how I feel. This might mean lighting a candle while I work, or dusting, or putting the laundry on, or anything on a long list of chores to keep my workspace clear. I’m also making sure I take proper time away from my work as well as social media.

A Helpful Note From Copy & Bake

Copy & Bake is all about transparency! The Oddbox link provided in this blog post is part of their affiliate scheme, which means I receive a discount on the service for anyone who signs up through my link.

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